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Top Golf

Comprehensive Signage Solution for Top Golf Nationwide: Cima's Success Story 

Top Golf operates a chain of golf entertainment venues that combine technology, hospitality, and golfing. Each location features multiple levels of hitting bays, bars, and restaurants, creating a dynamic and engaging environment for visitors.


Cima, a trusted provider of innovative signage solutions based in Chalfont, PA.


Cima, a leading sign manufacturer, successfully partnered with Top Golf to provide a comprehensive signage solution across all their locations. By leveraging their relationship with Yorston and Associates, Cima offered a complete range of products and services to meet Top Golf's specific signage requirements. Cima utilized Acrylite Extruded Premium FF for the face of Top Golf's signage. This high-quality acrylic material offers excellent light transmission, weather resistance, and impact strength, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Cima incorporated the Principal Industries Qwik Mod 3 6500k LED modules into the signage design powered by a 12V 60W power supply. These modules provide bright and energy-efficient illumination, ensuring that Top Golf's signage stands out. Cima coated the channel letters, raceways, and top tracer cabinets in Matthew's Paint, a renowned industry leader in paint finishes. With a wide range of color options and exceptional durability, Matthew's Paint ensured vibrant, long-lasting lettering that perfectly matched Top Golf's brand standards. 

Yorston and Associates was able to provide CIMA with a one-stop solution for all aspects of Top Golf's signage requirements. Cima's partnership with Top Golf and with Yorston and Associates, exemplifies their ability to provide comprehensive signage solutions for both small to large projects.

Photo Credit CEMA

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